Valentine’s Day Mini Ceramic Flower Kits


New this year.  Send Valentine's Day greetings with these fun flower pots.   Collect all 4 Valentine's Day varieties:  Daisy (Llama), Forget Me Not (Panda Bear), Mini Rose (Let Love Bloom and Love is All You Need).

Note: Your packaging may be different than the above image.

Available in these varieties
  • 96243 - Llama (Daisy)
  • 96244 - Panda (Forget Me Not)
  • 96329 - Let Love Bloom (Mini Rose)
  • 96330 - Love is All You Need (Mini Rose)
Each kit includes
  • Ceramic container
  • Seed packet
  • Growing medium
  • Growing instructions

2-1/2″ (l) x 2-1/2″ (w) x 2″ (h)