ReCycleMe | Activity Kit | Science


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Put the fun in functional with ReCycleMe Activity Kits. Here’s an exciting way to turn your household throwaways into hours of interactive fun with games and activities.

Great for curious minds, a family time project or an afternoon with friends

Each BUZZY ReCycleMe box helps you turn your household throwaway items into art, games, science projects and experiments, or a playworld. Each box provides a new unique way to turn your throwaways into hours of interactive fun! With a ReCycleMe box, your little one can get creative and turn dull items about to be thrown away into objects that spark joy and learning. Great for curious minds, a family time project, or an afternoon with friends! Each box includes all the additional items needed to create up to 4 projects. We strongly believe in the importance of upcycling and conserving. Never look at your throwaway items the same way again. Exchange ideas about the creation of each item and enjoy quality time while being good to our Earth. We, BUZZY, are known for our plant grow kits for fun and stress-free gardening, and we are proud to now offer our new ReCycleMe boxes to extend our care for the Earth. We grow plants to enjoy their beauty, fruits, and flowers, but it is also extremely important for us to care for them and our environment as a whole to continue to enjoy their offerings. By recycling, we reduce the need to extract more and more raw materials. Teach your little one how awesome recycling can be!