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Create a magnificent palette of bright colors with the Buzzy Seeds Rock Garden Flowers Mix! These varieties are ideal for planting in between rocks, tiles, or other built up areas.

You can grow with complete confidence! Like all Buzzy Seeds, these are backed by our Guaranteed to Grow promise.


  • Alyssum (Lobularia) maritimum white + blue
  • Antirrhinum pumilum
  • Calendula officinalis dwarf
  • Cheiranthus (Malcolmia) maritimus
  • Chrysanthemum paludosum
  • Cynoglossum amabile
  • Dianthus barbatus
  • Eschscholtzia californica
  • Eschscholtzia caespitosa
  • Gypsophila elegans
  • Iberis coronaria
  • Iberis umbellata
  • Lobelia pendula
  • Mesembryanthemum (Dorotheanthus) criniflorum
  • Nemophila insignis
  • Petunia hybrida
  • Phlox drummondii
  • Portulaca grandiflora
  • Cheiranthus allionii
  • Viola cornuta

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Dimensions 2 × 4 × .5 in

Seed Info

Rock Garden Flowers Mix

Type: Variable/NA
Soil Type: Well-drained
Hardiness Zone: Variable/NA
Plant In: Spring
Planting Depth: Variable/NA
Days to Germinate: Variable/NA
Blooms: Summer
Height: Variable/NA
Recommended Sun: Full Sun
Water Needs: Moderate