Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit

Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit
Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit
Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit
Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit
Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit
Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit

Cactus Glass Terrarium Grow Kit

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Up your houseplant game and grow your own cactus garden with our Glass Terrarium Kit. 

Our all-in-one Glass Terrarium Kit includes everything you need to start a mini ecosystem inside your home: seeds, growing medium, a glass terrarium, decorative rocks, and our Easy Peasy growing instructions. Just add water, sunshine, and love. Green thumb completely optional.

Why You'll Love It

Everything you need to plant fearlessly:

  • 100% natural and non-GMO seeds, backed by our Guaranteed to Grow promise
  • Dehydrated coconut husk growing medium pellets are safe and non-toxic
  • Easy-to-follow, no-stress growing instructions and we're here for extra help if you need it

What's Included:

  • Glass Bowl 
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Seed Packet - Cactus Mix
  • Growing Medium
  • Growing Instructions


Seed Planting Guide

Time To Germinate

Cactus Mix: 1-3 months

Germination Temperature

Cactus Mix: 70-80°F

Seed Planting Depth

Cactus Mix: 1/8"

Light Requirement

Cactus Mix: Bright, indirect sun; Full sun once established

"Place half of the rocks (included) in the bottom of the terrarium to act as a drainage layer. In a separate bowl, dissolve growing medium pellet in 3/4 cup of water, fluff with fork, and place into terrarium. Sow cactus seeds by gently pressing them into the surface of the growing medium and lightly cover with a thin layer of growing medium. Cover terrarium with plastic wrap. Place in a warm, bright location and keep growing medium moist but not overwatered; use a spray bottle to mist as necessary. Remove plastic wrap once seeds germinate (1-3 months). Water by misting when the top 1/2"" of soil becomes dry. Once seedlings develop tiny spines, begin watering with balanced plant fertilizer mixed at half-strength (feed only a few times per growing season). Cacti grow very slowly and will not need transplanting for 3-5 years.
Save the second half of the rocks to personalize your cactus terrarium! After your seeds have germinated, place rocks around the plants to add your own special decorative touch.

Tip: Cacti germination is enhanced when temperatures are kept warm, between 70° and 80°F."

Cold Hardiness Zone

Cactus Mix: 10-11

Time To Maturity

Cactus Mix:
Ferocactus wislizeni: 10 years
Saguaro Carnegiea: 125 years
Opuntia vulgaris: 3-4 years

Full Grown Height

Cactus Mix:
Ferocactus wislizeni: 3-6’
Saguaro Carnegiea: 10-52’
Opuntia vulgaris: 5’

Full Grown Width

Cactus Mix:
Ferocactus wislizeni: 2-3’
Saguaro Carnegiea: 30’
Opuntia vulgaris: 10-15’

Our 100% Satisfaction Grow Guarantee

From the highest quality seeds to the easiest-to-follow instructions, our main goal is setting you up for success with your Buzzy grow kits. But, sometimes it’s not all flowers and sunshine. We get it.

That’s why we have a Grow Guarantee. If, for any reason, your seeds don’t pop up, your plants don’t thrive or you’re just not totally happy with your purchase, we’ll replace your seed packet for free.

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