Our mission is simple:

To Inspire, Cultivate, and Grow

At Buzzy, we welcome everyone from green thumbs (you grow with the best of ‘em) to black thumbs (you think gardening just isn’t your thing). That’s because we know we can help everyone experience the joy of growing from seed and be darn good at it, too!

Kees Wurth, founder and owner of Buzzy, arrived in the U.S. from his native home of The Netherlands almost three decades ago. He quickly realized that here in the U.S. there just wasn’t the same offerings or availability of ‘Grow Your Own’ kits as he was used to at home. He was inspired to make easy-to-use/all-in-one grow kits available to everyone.

Today, Buzzy® still makes it simple for anyone young or old to grow well. Your success keeps us buzzing with happiness. So go ahead and feel the bliss of growing year-round, indoors or outdoors. We can’t wait to see you keep growing with Buzzy®.

Get started growing

Assorted Mini Terracotta Grow Kit 12pk - Classic Collection
Strawberry Windowsill Garden
Herbal Tea Garden Grow Kit
Save the Bees Forget-Me-Not Classic Terracotta Grow Kit