It's simple really.

At Buzzy®, we believe that gardening should be a fun, stress-free, and rewarding activity enjoyed by everyone.

We welcome everyone from green thumbs (you grow with the best of ‘em) to black thumbs (you think gardening just isn’t your thing). That’s because we know we can help everyone experience the joy of growing from seed and be darn good at it, too!

Each Buzzy® grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own 100% natural flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Just add water, sunshine, and love. Green thumb completely optional.

Get growing with some of our favorite products:

Save the Bees Wildflower Biodegradable Grow Kit | Assorted 12-pack
Strawberry Garden Windowsill Grow Kit
Sold Out
Moss Rose Mini Basin Grow Kit
Daydream Mini Terracotta Grow Kit | Assorted 6-pack