Growing Guides

Leave The Leaves

Fallen autumn leaves are more than just yard work.

Why We Love Fall Sowing

We love fall for two reasons: sweaters and fall sowing. 

Seed Planting Guide

Use this handy guide to find information on planting specific seeds.

What Is The Growing Medium Made Of?

Help! My dog (or kid) ate the growing medium! Are they going to be ok? 


Mold on growing medium is generally a harmless fungus...

How To Transplant Your Seedlings

Green thumbs up! Your plant is thriving. Maybe even outgrowing its pot. Then, panic sets in…

How To Grow Lavender From Seed

A favorite of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, lavender is a bushy, perennial herb...

How To Harden Off Your Seedlings

Hardening off is the process of gradually exposing indoor-grown seedlings to the outdoors...

What Is Damping Off?

Damping off Is the sudden death of young seedlings caused by a fungus that thrives in...

Buzzy® Wildflower Pollinator Mix

Pollinators are a vital part of life on our planet.

Seed Germination Observation Sheet

Download this handy sheet to record the growth and progress of your seedlings.

How To Grow Bonsai From Seed

Did you know? Bonsai trees are not grown from bonsai seeds. In fact, bonsai trees are ordinary...

Spruce Bonsai Care & Maintenance

How to care for and shape your bonsai tree.

How To Grow Cactus From Seed

Grow your own cactus from seed with this step-by-step guide.

How To Grow Strawberry From Seed

Did you know? Alpine strawberry, commonly called the woodland strawberry...

How To Prepare Your Growing Medium

Lost Instructions? It happens. We're here to help.

Potato Grower Product Guide

Step by step instructions including downloadable PDF.

Tomato Grower Product Guide

Step by step instructions including downloadable PDF.

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